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Products and Services offered by ASCENT SYSTEMS, s.r.o.

Web Design

web sites

Every company that wants to be successful on the market nowadays, needs to have a professional-quality web site to attract potential customers. Even simple company web site containing only basic information adds credibility to the enterprise. Your quality of your company web site may decide whether a new potential customer makes contact with you or decides to go elsewhere.

If you are interested in professional quality website for your company for exceptionally low price, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Software development

Software development may become quite expensive therefore we usually offer to our clients an OpenSource alternative that might fully satisfy their needs, or an OpenSource project that could be modified to meet these requirements.
However, there are cases when no such a OpenSource software is to be found, or its modification would involve higher investment than making a software product from scratch.

ASCENT SYSTEMS, offers you to develop software of your needs for the price you never thought possible. Since our company is located in former eastern block, the work price is still lower and the quality as high as in any other western country. You can take the advantage now!

All-embracing Service Level Agreement

ASCENT SYSMTES offers to our clients advantageous all-embracing Service Level Agreements. These agreements are useful for clients who need to take care of their web sites and/or other software, products, having professional support, help and customer care at their service at all time.
Moreover our clients are then entitled to up to 15% discount for any other services, making this service even more beneficial.

Service Level Agreements may, among others, include:

  1. Maintenance and administration of existing web sites and/or software products.
  2. Changes, revisions and modifications of existing web sites and/or software products.
  3. Various design and graphical modifications and changes.
  4. Consultantship.
  5. Trainings.
  6. and others.

Contact Address

Furdekova 12
851 03 Bratislava 5
Slovakia - European Union

I»O: 35 963 930

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