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    Software product could be compared to a building. If you are satisfied with a building offered by your real-estate agent then everything is all right. All you have to do is pay the price and the building is yours. If on the other hand the offer isn't to your liking, the building is too small, too big, has no elevator, nor a parking lot, this offers might no longer satisfy for your needs.
Then, you are left with three options.

  1. 1. Continue to seek for better building..
  2. 2. Reconcile your self to having something less satisfying..
  3. 3. Have constructor to build a building exactly as you need.

Each and every of this options have its cons and pros. Not always such a building could be found, not even one that would be at least partially satisfying. Or even if you find one, it could be too expensive for you to afford, as it might have many other sections you would not need (say, large conference hall or a pool).
In this case, the easiest thing to do, is to have a constructor build the building for you according to your plans and needs.

The ASCENT SYSTEMS can offer you to:

  1. search for an OpenSource application that would fully satisfy your needs (if at all possible).
  2. search for an OpenSource application that would at least partially satisfy your needs with the option of modification of the OpenSource application so it meets your criteria.
  3. develop the application from the ground up for you.

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