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Web site ownership is inevitable starting point for every successful enterprise nowadays. Company web site is corner stone of Company image, and is usually the first thing a potential client sees when trying to make a business contact.

Pricing of web site development might get unreasonably high in most web designer companies, which makes it harder for nascent companies to afford a high quality web site they might have had. The ASCENT SYSTEMS offers high quality, professional websites designed with your clients in mind for prices affordable for anyone including individuals.

For your convenience we provide you with the elementary price list to help you get an impression about our pricing.

Web site pricing

  1. Simple statical web presentation up to 10 individual web pages containing text and/or images - simple but elegant design.
    Estimated price: 150 - 330,- EUR
  2. Simpler dynamic web presentation (use of databases) up to 20 individual web pages with statical and/or dynamical content with simpler but elegant design.
    Estimated price: 330 - 850,- EUR
  3. More sophisticated dynamic web presentation (use of databases), sophisticated design, more complicated internal logic, simple and easy to use Content Management System, or e-commerce, etc.
    Estimated price: 850 - 2 000,- EUR
  4. Sophisticated web application with robust database support, advanced scripting, extensive internal logic ,statistics, more complex calculations, robust and complicated database structure, etc. ( i.e. CRM systems, full-featured e-commerce solutions, other kinds of internet applications, etc.).
    Estimated price: 2 000 - 5 000,- EUR

* Included prices are only demonstrational. Final price of our services is dependent on particular project and agreement with the customer.

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